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Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow by Jessica Day George

Hello everyone, I hope you all are well! I just finished this book five minutes ago and had to do a review on it right away. I had no idea that this book existed until I found it on my library’s online catalog. I was looking for Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George and this is one that popped up. 

There wasn’t anything that I disliked about this book honestly. I think that this story was beautifully written and very magical. Jessica Day George is great at getting you hooked into a story within the first few chapters. About half way into the book I predicted that the story would end in a different way than it did. I’m glad that my prediction was wrong because it made the whole thing so much more awesome. It kind of reminded me of Beauty and the Beast because the Isbjørn just barges in and demands that the lass lives with him for one year. Also, there is a curse to be broken so that makes me curious if this is a retelling to a fairytale or not.

If you like fairytales, magic, curses and happy endings I totally recommend Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow.

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Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas *Slight Spoiler warning*

Sarah J. Maas, you’ve done it again. You have amazed me to the point that the book just flew by like it was nothing. I will admit that I was slightly annoyed with Celaena at the beginning because she was so cocky, but she grew on me. The action was brilliant, the magic was fantastic and I could not get enough of the possible romance! 
I really loved the idea of Celaena being an assassin. To my knowledge we haven’t had a main character like this anywhere and it was so unique. The only thing that bugged me about this book was Lady Kaltain. She popped up mainly during conversations between Celaena and Dorian and it was only to make him fall for her. Then at the duel she poisoned Celaena and at that point I just wanted her to go away. If she had a bigger part in the story maybe that would have been okay but I didn’t really understand the beef she had with Celaena.

I don’t want to say too much just because it’s so great you’ll have to find out the rest for yourself! I totally recommend this book to anyone who loves magic, assassins, and royalty. I also recommend it to anyone who has read her A Court of Thorns and Roses series. It is different, but there is mention of Fae somewhere in there!


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Currently Reading

I’m starting June off right with a big pile! I’m really excited about these because most of them I’ve not heard of and they look cool.

  • The Siren – Kiera Cass
  • The Book Jumper – Mechthild Glaser
  • Never Ever – Sara Saedi
  • The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest – Melanie Dickerson
  • A Court of Wings and Ruin – Sarah J. Maas

I’m about half way through A Court of Wings and Ruin. I’m really not so excited about A Court of Wings and Ruin. Everything seems different in this one and I’m just not enjoying it as much. Hopefully I will write reviews for all of them, but maybe I’ll just do some? Let me know what you would like to see!

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June & July TBR 

  • Princess of the Midnight Ball – Jessica Day George
  • Beast – Brie Spangler
  • Hunted – Meagan Spooner
  • The Bear and the Nightingale – Katherine Arden
  • Lost Girl – Chanda Hahn
  • The Silent Songbird – Melanie Dickerson
  • The Wish Granter – C. J. Redwine
  • Never where – Neil Gaiman
  • Ash – Malinda Lo
  • American Gods – Neil Gaiman

    These are the books I’ve not really heard of until I saw them on Pinterest! Most of the time I find my recommendations on BookTube, but as I was messing around on Pinterest I found these. All of these seemed really interesting to me because the titles are intriging and I like fairytale retellings. I would have added more to my list but if I put too many on and don’t get to them all then I feel like I haven’t achieved my goal. 

    I’m currently reading a lot and if you’d like to see what I’m reading leave me a comment saying so!