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Most Recent Things I’ve Listened to on Spotify

Hey guys, happy Wednesday! Today is going to be a little bit different because I haven’t been reading as much. I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been listening to lately. Who doesn’t like music, right? If you like this list and want me to post a few of my favorite songs from these artists/bands or other artists/bands, leave me a comment. 

1. Pentatonix 

I am in love with this group. I love how they sing their songs Acapella, and their voices blend so we’ll together. 


I really love anything having to do with Broadway. I also really love movie musicals. A lot of these are movie soundtracks, but I do have a bunch of Broadway soundtracks.

3. Lucifer’s Playlist

This is a playlist I made from the songs featured on the show Lucifer. The music is different from everything I listen to, but it’s good.

4. Glee Seasons 1-6

I was obsessed with this show for the longest time. I like to go back sometimes and just jam out. Some pop, a little bit of R&B, they did a lot.

5. Twenty One Pilots

This band is absolutely amazing. I really like how they do things and I just love everything about them.

6. Panic! At the Disco

This needs no explanation but Brendon Urie. His vocals are out of this world.

7. Melanie Martinez

I had no clue who this girl was until Spotify recommended her to me. Her songs are slightly strange, but she’s got a great voice.

8. Ariana Grande

I wasn’t a huge fan of hers until I heard about what she did in Manchester. I thought she was a bit overrated, but I shouldn’t have judged a book by it’s cover. 

9. My Chemical Romance

I’m really sad that this band broke up honestly. Welcome to the Black Parade is one of my all time​ favorite albums because it’s so different and “emo”. I’m not into emo music, but these guys are great.

10. Ed Sheeran

A friend of mine introduced me to his music and I was instantly hooked. He writes his own songs, his voice is so great, what more could we ask for?