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Flower Pounding Project

Hello lovely people! I hope you all are well. Today is not a book review unfortunately, but I do have something interesting to share!

On Monday, (Memorial Day) my lovely mother and I did this really cool and crafty project. She showed me a video of a lady pounding various flowers on a white cloth bandana with a hammer. Of course I was intrigued because I love doing crafty things. It was a super easy process and it came out really well.

For this project you will need the following:

  • Newspaper or parchment paper to cover the area where you will be working
  • Different colored flowers (bright ones work best)
  • A white bandana
  • A hammer
  • Masking tape

Now that you have your materials ready you’ll want to do the following:

  • Clear off your work space and set your newspaper or parchment paper flat
  • Set your bandana on top
  • Cut the flowers off of the stems and tape them in whatever formation you’d like on the bandana
  • Pound (or roll) them flat and leave them sit until you’ve done them all

If you have spaces with white you can either leave it white or you can cover it. I had some white spaces so I sprinkled stray petals and pounded them. 

This is my finished product.

This bandana is covered in flower residue? Juice? I’m not entirely sure what you call it, but it’s pretty!

I totally recommend trying this out because it was a lot of fun. Happy crafting!

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Love and Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

This book was amazing. It was a good mix of family drama, friendship and romance. I also liked the visuals that the author made me see of Italy with her words. I love it when authors are able to show you things without showing you actual pictures. The flow of the story was great and as they talked about gelato I found my mouth watering. Romance is not something I usually read but lately I’ve been slowly getting into it. Another thing that I liked about this book is that it wasn’t really a cliche romance novel. The ones where boy meets girl, girl falls for the guy and he plays hard to get or vice versa? Yeah, not a fan. I like the uniqueness of this one and it caught my attention within the first chapter.

I can’t say too much without revealing any hidden secrets. I totally recommend this book to anyone who likes non cliche romance and gelato.